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No Longer Home (2021) [Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox & Switch]

Lead Writing, Set Design & Cinematography

Cel's first commercial game, made in partnership with Hana Lee. Cel was responsible for crafting its narrative structure and scripting. Cel also designed and modelled the game’s environments, focusing on mood and storytelling using transforming sets, slow camera movements and lighting. During its development Cel honed sharp skills for crafting branching dialogue and an eye for scene composition.

Lu talks to Bo. The text reads "Lu: But I've been needing somewhere to stay, after I got kicked out of my last place." Bo stands in the Kitchen. Bo talks to Autumn. The text reads "Bo: Ah geez, Autumn. Ao isn't going to be happy to see you've crushed their mint." Bo and Ao sit on the couch. The text reads "Ao: Fell asleep at your laptop again?" Ao stands in the Studio. Ao talks to Bo. The text reads "Ao: I conviced myself that we'd work things out somehow. That I'd get a job." Bo and Ao sit in bed. The text reads  "Bo: It was good to see everyone before we move out." Bo stands in the Bedroom staring at the Unknown Geometry. Bo pets Luna. The text reads "Luna: (Brushes against Bo's hand and purrs affectionally.)" Bo stands in the Kitchen staring at the TV.


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