Contracting Services.
As a creative and game development co-op we offer contracted services for hire. Humble Grove’s members are artists and writers with a rich history creating narrative focused video games. Whether you need consultation and advice, writing, or asset creation we can meet your needs.
Our Services.
Game Narrative
• Writing
• Editing
• Narrative Design
We can provide you with text for your game, whether that’s dialogue, descriptive, or tutorial. Maybe you already have text, but need some assistance polishing it? We can provide feedback and changes that’ll make sure your story is focused and thematically consistent. We can also help with the overall structure of your narrative: assessing its arc and how its gameplay and environments could help better tell your story.
Visual Assets (2D & 3D)
• Characters
• Environments
• Textures & Sprites
We’re multidisciplinary artists that can help you with your project’s visual assets, be that 3D models, concept art, textures or sprites. We can create original art assets for you or work to your brief.
Non-Games Projects
Games are our main forte but we offer all our services to non-games projects. Maybe you want to commission some art or writing? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll find how we can help you.