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Twilight Array is an explorative horror game set in the far future. The player follows space scavengers Je and Ju as they enter an abandoned cruise ship orbiting a destroyed planet. As they delve further into the vessel they start to realise that the ship isn’t quite as abandoned as they thought, and the hidden truths in the ship and in their relationship are desperate to be revealed.

Part branching narrative game and part exploration, Twilight Array is a unique and atmospheric experience. Players uncover the mysteries of the ship as they explore the rooms of it’s wealthy patrons and influence Je and Ju’s relationship though multiple choice narrative as the tensions between them start to rise. As the game progresses the player must grapple with the ships AI systems that have survived somehow in the cold darkness of space, and that have grown and changed in the thousands of years since their last human contact.


Early History

Twilight Array began as a pet project, designed to be worked on in the rare free hours between other things. Once we started making it though we realised that we had something special on our hands and that it would be worth making Twilight Array our second studio project. Others agreed with our assessment, including UK Games fund who included us in round 9 of their funding program. This support was invaluable in allowing us to make a demo level for the project.


Twilight Array now has a playable demo, and we’re looking for further funding to make the game into the magnificent specimen we know it can be.


Twilight Array - Teaser Trailer (2023) Youtube


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Awards & Recognition

  • UK Games Fund, Round Nine.

    - Twilight Array, September 2022

About Humble Grove

Humble Grove is a UK based storytelling and game-making co-op made up of Cel Davison and Beck Michalak. The studio's first game No Longer Home was released in 2021, and they are currently working on newly announced project Twilight Array. The goal of the co-op is to work as a team to make rich narrative experiences that draw on diverse inspirations, and to do so sustainably for its members.

What is a co-op? In Humble Grove it means that the workers own the company. We make decisions collectively and there are no bosses.


Beck Michalak (they/them)
Lead Writer & Lead Artist

Cel Davison (they/them)
Artist, Writer, Composer & Cinematographer

Doug Binks (he/him)
Prototype Programmer

Adrienne Lombardo (they/them)
Prototype Programmer